About Us

Padrick & Vernon, LLC has been in business Since 2005. Our goal is to provide CAD table Solutions that help our customers provide outstanding service to their customers and by doing so generate more profit for their buinesses.  We have three ways we can provide value to our customers:

By provide Refurbished Data Technology CAD tables at a value over buying new. 
By providing upgrades and maintenance for existing Data Tech CAD tables to help improve their functionality, extend their useful life and maximize their owners investment. 
By, Beginning in the Spring of 2020, offering a new CAD table for customers that want to upgrade from the M3000 or add a state of the art CAD Table to increase their productivity and capacity.  

Our tables can cut Corrugated, Folding Carton, Corrugated Plastic, Printing Blankets, Single Ply Fabric, Vinyl and many other materials. Our leadership team each has 25 plus years experience in the packaging industry, and that experience and the relationships we have developed over those years, and our entrepreneurial culture  make us uniquely qualified to develop a cost-effective solution for your company.